E a r   R e f l e x o l o g y   D i p l o m a

EAR REFLEXOLOGY is a perfect adjunct to any therapy. It is a powerful additional skill for Reflexologists, health care practitioners, nurses, aestheticians, or massage therapists. It is a simple, effective and safe therapy that anyone can learn.

Our 16 years of experience combined with feedback from over a 1000 students has led us to create a more convenient way to achieve your goal of becoming an Ear Reflexologist.

This flexible program is an ideal mix of:

  • Home study (theory/study questions/assignments) — 50 hours
  • Comprehensive hands-on practical classroom training — 10 hours
  • 60 independent case studies — 60 hours

Learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. There is no scheduled ‘start time’ or semesters, you choose when you begin. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom that fits with your schedule.

Once you register*, it is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete the theory component at your own pace
  • open book exam included
  1. Choose a practical classroom training to attend listed on the CRS website
  • practical assessment is completed on the last day of class
  1. Complete 60 case studies
  • submit them to the School for review
  • 60 case studies options are provided and are a combination of people NOT 60 different clients
    i.e. 6 clients with 10 sessions each.

Upon successful completion of assignments, case studies and examinations, students are awarded a Diploma in Ear Reflexology.

*Pre-requisite is required, please contact the school.

The Nuts & Bolts of the Program:

Home Study Theory covers a variety of subjects including:

  • History, theory & concepts of Reflexology
  • Ear Reflexology versus Auricular Therapy
  • Health record documentation
  • Structure & function of the ear
  • Ear assessment — what do all those spots, dots & freckles mean
  • Basic anatomy and physiology overview
  • Location of the 90 I.S.A.P. auricular points set by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.)
  • Various health conditions and key reflexes used in working with them
  • CRS Reflexology ear session sequence
  • Exam preparation
  • Student resources

In addition, each chapter includes study questions as well as several special assignments that expand the student’s scope of learning.

Comprehensive Classroom Practical

  • 10 hour intensive classroom practical
  • A complete hands-on experience
  • Focus on the application of specific techniques
  • Location of auricular points
  • Learning a 15-30 minute therapeutic Reflexology sequence
  • How to combine Ear Reflexology Sessions with other therapies

Case Studies

  • case studies
  • Documentation requirements found in the CRS Student Manual


  • Pass an open book written exam
  • Pass a practical assessment

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What does my investment include?

  • Canadian Reflexology School Student Manual
  • One Rubber Ear Reflexology Model — marked with auricular points
  • 8.5 x 11 laminated CRS Ear Chart
  • Case Study Documentation Forms
  • “Steps to Success” — tips to help students achieve their Reflexology course goals faster
  • Comprehensive 10 hour practical classroom training
  • Written & practical exam fees
  • Shipping within Canada
  • Diploma upon program completion
  • BONUS — access to an online ‘students only’ section of the CRS website which is regularly updated with further resources

Graduates of the program can now add a powerful therapy to their offerings as well as provide easy self-help tips to empower their clients.

The school is located in beautiful Victoria, BC (Canada) which is known for its healing and artistic communities.